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August Special Offers

August Special Offers

pannier Free Bags

With every pannier set or top box ordered in August you will receive a Free Set of pannier inner bags.

Keep everything close to hand, easy to get out and pack away again, keep your tent or hotel room organised, and no aluminium rubbing on your clothing – this is the Zega Pro bag.

Now all you need to do is chose your pannier system!

Honda’s New Africa Twin

Honda’s New Africa Twin

The Video of Honda’s new Africa Twin has been released online this week, We finally get to see the bike in action, and it hasn’t disappointed. Questions have been flying around the Touratech office with regards to the 1000cc unicam engine, the revolutionary DCT gearbox and how the bike will work as a package on and off road.

All questions we need and want answers for but we will have to wait until the bikes launch at the end of the year.

Honda has released this information :

Rhino Ride

Rhino-RideRhino Ride: Together Against Rhino Poaching in Southern Africa

They mostly appear in the middle of the night, rope down from the helicopters; and often it takes them just a few minutes to do their bloody business: Rhino poachers in Southern Africa. With the Rhino Ride, André Barnard from Namibia and Gavin Green from South Africa are committing themselves to the protection of these impressive pachyderms. The Touratech headquarters in Niedereschach / Germany are supporting this project.

Touratech Ride out 25th July

Touratech Ride out 25th July

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 15.18.35

Touratech are organising a ride out on the 25th of July. Starting from touratech at 930am tea and coffee is on Nick so dont miss that.

The ride will head north on unclassified roads with a possibility of gravel roads passing iconic landmarks such as Carreg Cennen Castle and Llyn Brianne Dam. 

Stopping for a pub lunch before making your way back down.

Truly a 1 off ride with our talented and experienced guide

Here are some of the images from the route

Kawasaki KLR 650 to the Next Level


Touratech Takes the Kawasaki KLR 650 to the Next Level

Seattle, WA – (June 18, 2015) The Kawasaki KLR 650 is a bike that has a reputation as the “gateway drug” for the Adventure Motorcycle culture. Riders with a desire to ride dual-sport can pick one up at a price that’s lower than most entries in the segment and once they’re hooked, they move to a bigger bike and never look back.

Many riders however, develop a love for the durability, adaptability and dependability of the KLR and continue to ride them for years. With that in mind, Touratech recently acquired a 2015 KLR 650 and had staff member Aaron Jennings equip it from top to bottom, with parts designed in Germany specifically for it.

“I have always been curious about the KLR 650, since so many folks choose it for their travels,” said Jennings. “It was great to spend a little time getting one all kitted out with our products. It’s an easy bike to work on, and its utility and performance are even better with upgraded suspension, protection and luggage.”

Touratech started the KLR upgrade with the suspension system and worked out from there, including a skid plate, Zega Mundo panniers and much more. When the build-out was finished the only thing left to do was ride it! Adventure filmmaker, Sterling Noren was on hand to record the testing and the result is a terrific video highlighting the good, the bad and the ugly of the KLR 650.

With a spectacular, desert backdrop, Touratech’s Paul Guillien and Iain Glynn put the bike through its paces over two days in scorching heat and through challenging terrain. They give an honest assessment of the KLR and its strengths and weaknesses and don’t pull any punches. This video gives a clear picture of what a KLR 650 (with a little help from Touratech) can do.

IMG_6749 _MG_6471 KLR Facing Left _MG_6859

Essential Accsessories – BMW F800GS


Essential accessories – BMW F800GS

The Smaller option to the BWM GS1200 comes in the form of the BMW F800GS. If you are the type of rider that prefers doing more offroad than motorway miles the 800GS is the bike for you, lighter and more nimble and with a power delivery more suited to off road.  There are a wide range of accessories available for the F800GS that not only improve the ride but protect incase of an accident.

Sport Seat F800GS 

Sure, the GS already has a robust seat, however, as for our long-distance travel seats, we have also developed an optimised seat for sporty use. It offers total freedom of mobility and makes riding through terrain truly possible. The slip-free surface gives perfect riding comfort. Like all our seats, this seat is manufactured in Germany by hand.

This crash bar extension from Touratech makes expensive fairing damage a thing of the past. In particular, the extension protects the upper part of the fairing while also preventing damage to the radiator and forks.

The Touratech crash bar extension is made from strong stainless steel tubing with an electropolished surface finish. So if the extension is put to the test in a crash or fall, you don’t need to worry about scratches turning into unsightly rust patches.
Thanks to its robust design, the crash bar extension is also ideal when you need to grab hold of the bike – to pull it out of mud, for example.

In creating the F800GS, the developers at BMW have produced a motorbike that practically invites you take it on an off-road excursion. Our development team were able to make a number of further improvements to its positive off-road characteristics.

This engine guard is an absolute revolution!

Our headlight protector has been thoroughly tried and tested over the years – we’ve sold thousands. Even the biggest stones won’t be able to damage your headlight with this!

New durable stainless steel model now available with quick release fastener!

These hand protectors are made of virtually indestructible plastic; they are modern in design, offer a high level of protection, and can easily be fitted to the F800GS using the fitting sets (included). The hand protector can be combined with various spoilers and then offers optimum protection against wind and weather. A very strong, sturdy construction which has proved itself time and again in many rallies and on other motor cycles.

When the stylish fairing was being developed attention was focussed mainly on suitability for the purpose and individuality. The Desierto F’s screen can not only be fitted easily but also has an infinite variety of adjustment options. Here we have managed to design an individual, modern look for the F800GS / F650GS (Twin), combined with the highest level of everyday benefits.
but there is more click here to view the full range of products for the BMW F800GS

Want to fix the soft Suspension dive that was mentioned in the Video we have the answer!

Putting it simply, the Touratech Suspension Cartridge Kit Extreme is a suspension strut for the fork and the absolute top end in terms of suspension technology. The Closed Cartridge is installed into the original fork. This way the fork bridge/handlebar mount, brakes and wheel control and handlebar geometry are retained in full. No additional modifications to the fork are required
This Closed Cartridge is been developed perfectly for touring and riding with frequent and strongly differing loads and riding conditions or extreme requirements.


Touratech Ride out 13th June 2015


Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 15.18.35

Touratech Ride Out 13th June 2015

Touratech are planning a guided tour of the Welsh Countryside for the 13th of June! Meeting at 9:30 in touratech then heading up to Tregaron and back down, with stunning views like Carreg Cennen Castle, Llyn Brianne Dam and the Black Mountains along the way. 4-5 hours riding with a stop for lunch. Maximum of 15 Riders. Who’s up for a Touratech day out?? email to register your interest

Touratech Panniers

Zega Paniers


Touratech Panniers - Zega Range

Ready for your adventure 

Zega Features

Zega Mundo – Back to the roots

The Zega Mundo follows the tradition of the legendary Zega Case. A simple, robust and nicely designed aluminium case that handles all assignments, ranging from everyday to adventure, with flying colors.

The development of the Zega Mundo focused one hundred percent on pure functionality. Practical suitability, robustness and technically clean design are all united in this aluminum case.
To obtain joins with maximum strength, the indestructible body is made of 1.5 mm thick aluminum sheeting and riveted to the base, which is drawn from a single piece of aluminum, with special rivets. This concept conveys the case with a solid plus in terms of rigidity. In addition, the integrated, extra large-dimensioned silicone tape ensures a lifelong waterproof seam. The same applies to the specially formed profile which forms the upper part of the case body. It reinforces the case and the integrated sealing lip, which fits the lid profile with absolute precision, ensures completely waterproof closure.

Important features:

technically clean design

thousend- fold proven fastening system


Shope now

Zega Pro: The aluminium pannier made by Touratech

Whether jungle expedition, desert adventure or driving through the continuous rain of central Europe:
Our aluminium ZEGA cases have proved their worth in countless motorbike adventures, even under the most extreme conditions, and shown themselves to be indestructible and reliable companions. And now we are delighted to present ZEGA Pro, the revolutionary development that complements our popular touring panniers. Just as versatile as the ZEGA case, beautifully shaped, strong, and with plenty of accessories, it will fit (with the appropriate mounting sets) almost any rack, and is also available in three different sizes and an anodised version.

The most important features:

  • automatic locking prevents the catches from opening accidentally
  • fitted locks can be replaced or added later without drilling or filing
  • simultaneously locking fitted locks are available at no extra charge; also available with simultaneous locking with navigation brackets and oil plugs

zega pro

Shope now


The next step in evolution!

After Zega and Zega Pro, we have now developed the Zega Pro2. Based on the Zega Pro, its excellent properties have all been retained, but many details have also been significantly improved.

The Zega Pro2 shines with its improved profile for even better operation, a carrying handle as standard and optimised ventilation.
Above all, though, the pre-assembled version is an absolute revolution! It is factory-fitted with an entirely new attachment system that combines suitability with maximum ease of use, facilitating single-handed use – you could say it’s “Plug and play” for fully packed aluminium panniers!
There’s a single lever on the outside to operate the mechanism. The lid can stay closed when it is removed from the bike. Pannier on, click – and go!

The innovative construction in resilient stainless steel releases the catch before attachment, which means the Zega Pro2 can also cope with extreme loads.
The supports for the Zega Pro2 accessories holder are also standard fittings on the pre-assembled Zega Pro2 on  both sides of each pannier. They are automatically locked when the lid is closed.

The important features

  • improved seal profile for precise and even easier use
  • carrying handle made of strong harness material as standard, lowered into the handle groove on the pannier lid so no irritation either when sitting or when securing luggage
  • optimised ventilation system for easy opening at high pressure differences, e.g. after going through a tunnel
  • including all the benefits of the award-winning Zega Pro aluminium pannier
  • also available in a lockable version so it can be secured with other Touratech locks

Shope now

Why Zega Pro2?


  • improved seal profile for precise and even easier use
  • carrying handle made of strong harness material as standard, lowered into the handle groove on the pannier lid so no irritation either when sitting or when securing luggage
  • optimised ventilation system for easy opening at high pressure differences, e.g. after going through a tunnel
  • including all the benefits of the award-winning Zega Pro aluminium pannier
  • also available in a lockable version so it can be secured with other Touratech locks


  • Genuine single-handed use thanks to the pre-assembled mounting system that is fully operated from the outside
  • conveniently positioned release catches, in a protected position between the pannier and seat
  • including pre-assembled supports for all Zega Pro2 accessory holders on both sides of a pannier

The very strong construction in stainless steel and fibreglass-reinforced plastic elements provides absolute stability and reliability even under the toughest conditions. The new fixation system further reinforces the overall pannier system. Zega Pro2 panniers will fit on much Touratech pannier racks. Their special construction offers the option for balancing out any tolerances.


Available in 3 sizes (31, 38, 45 litres) and 3 finishes (natural aluminium, anodised silver “AND-S” and anodised black “AND-black”)

The anodised version of the ZEGA Pro2 doesn‘t just shine in its fabulous natural aluminium look, but also prevents rubbing inside the case. The ultra thick, high quality anodised layer offers very special protection for the surface and helps to prevent discoloration.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 10.19.31

Zega images

Essential Accessories – Triumph Tiger 800XC



The Triumph Tiger 800XC

The Triumph Tiger 800XC is becoming more and more popular in the UK, after our successful Triumph tryout event at the MCN Festival the British based company has released an adventure bike that will please the majority of riders. Owners of the off-road variant of the Triumph Tiger 800 model can now further enhance the adventure touring capabilities of their motorcycles. A full line of accessories for the bike in question, including protection and guards, auxiliary lighting, ergonomic enhancements, aluminium pannier systems, tank & tail bags, navigation, and more.

Touratech has a wide range of products that are essential to taking the triumph tiger 800XC on any adventure.

Front Fender Riser ( £28.37) – the front fender on the Triumph Tiger 800 XC is positioned very close to the front wheel. If you’re using knobby off-road tires, the gap becomes even smaller and you run the risk of locking up your front tire with mud and debris. Touratech riser for the original front fender is very easy to install. A stainless steel adapter goes between the tire and the fender, increasing the clearance by 15 mm (0.6 inch). No modifications to the original fender are necessary.

Radiator Guard, Black (£97.88) – the original plastic radiator guard provides only limited protection on rough gravel roads; Touratech radiator guard offers much improved protection, optimizes airflow and is made from black anodized laser-cut aluminium that blends in with the motorcycle’s overall appearance. Also available in silver

Handlebar Risers, 20mm (£51.16) – On long off-road stretches, the seating position on the Triumph Tiger 800 XC can be a bit tiring. These handlebar risers from Touratech make for a much more relaxed ride, both when seated and while standing.

Engine Guard Black (£205.00) – For a true touring enduro, the original engine guard is significantly undersized. Touratech large engine guard for the Triumph Tiger 800XC is intended for use on long trips. This solid, welded engine guard from Touratech is made from robust 4 mm aluminium. It covers the entire unprotected area of the engine from the oil drain plug almost all the way up to the radiator guard.

Stainless Steel Fairing Crash Bars (£136.63) – On a long trip it can easily happen: just a minor fall or bump, and your tank and fairing are damaged. Touratech stainless steel fairing crash bar for the Triumph Tiger 800 protects the plastic fairing around the radiator and frame. If the bike falls over, the crash bar will support it.

Headlight Protector (£73.95) – Especially on gravel roads, headlights are always at risk of being damaged by stones thrown up by the vehicle in front. Touratech headlight protector for the Triumph Tiger is made from Makrolon. It effectively protects the fragile lens glass against stones, it’s resilient – in fact, practically indestructible – and if it does somehow break it won’t shatter


Visit the Touratech online shop to view more products for the Triumph Tiger 800XC


Mcn Festival – An Adventure Weekend

MCN Festival was a success!!

Touratech Sponsored the MCN Festival Adventure Zone and what a fantastic weekend we had.

Major Highlight of the weekend was David Knight’s Skill in riding the KTM Adventrue 1190 R over the Extreme Sprint Enduro course check out the video belowDavid Knight Ktm Adventure 1190R

With the festival gates open the crowds entered in their masses to take in everything on display, Touratech Adventure Zone was one of the biggest display areas of the show. Touratech had three sections of the Display area

  • Triumph off road test ride
  • Touratech shop display
  • Touratech speakers stage

Each section of the Touratech stand had high volumes of customers throughout the day. The touratech bike display had a lot of attention especially Nick’s own Touratech GS 1200.

20150516_103329 20150516_103721 20150516_122931

Triumph Test area had a fantastic turnout with over 75 riders on the saturday alone which provided entertainment for riders and spectators alike. There were a few crashes throughout the day but everyone left with a smile.


We would like to thank the guest speakers Nick Sanders, Chris Scott and Nathan Millward for their fantastic presentations. Nathan even brought Dorothy the little CB110 for the Sunday which was fantastic to see knowing how many miles Nathan has travelled on it.

20150516_112452 20150516_122911 20150516_150020

The Trade area was busy throughout the weekend with customer interested in the Touratech helmets “Aventuro” and touratech Suits “Companero”.

There were some fantastic events taking place at the MCN Festival including the Extreme Sprint Enduro and the Transatlantic Cup

DSC_0733 DSC_0098