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2015 Touratech Travel Event

TT_Travel_Event_Twitter_Header_2We look forward to welcoming you to the annual Touratech Travel Event, which will be taking place on May Bank Holiday, 1st-4th May 2015 – Save the Date!

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As always, we aim to offer a weekend  of superb adventure motorcycling related entertainment, talks, exhibitors, trade stands and of course lots of riding.

Whether you’re joining us for a second or third time, are an experienced adventure traveller or are new to adventure riding, we’ll have plenty on offer and lots of new information. It’s also a fantastic opportunity to catch up with a few old friends and hopefully make some new ones too.

Easter Opening hours

Opening hours of the Easter weekend

During the Easter holidays, the following opening hours in the shop: 

Friday Open 10.00am to 5.30pm

Saturday Open 10.00am to 5.30pm

Easter Sunday - Closed

Bank Holiday Monday - Closed 

Normal hours from Tuesday 

Nick Sanders – Buenos Aires 2015

Nick Sanders – South America 2015


Arrived Friday in Argentina after an 18 hour flight. Found a taxi, then a hotel and the following morning it was sunny on the Saturday so I hung around San Temlo. Known as San Pedro Heights during the 17th century, what is now Buenos Aires’ oldest barrio, or neighbourhood once housed the growing influx of dockworkers and brickmakers. The bulk of the cities exports of wool, hides and leather were stored in nearby warehouses built close to the nearby port, which is where my bike is presently located. After the weekend I need to negotiate it’s release from customs via a broker and freight forwarding agent – could take a day or so – remember, it’s “Destination Adventure” and the journey starts here.

Adventuring well requires patience. Every day is not a roller-coaster ride of excitement; the fantastic elation of being “on the road” is often replaced with the pragmatic processes of shifting from office to counter, from piles of shifting paperwork and fans that drive around rooms of stale air. Meanwhile, San Telmo was a delight – artists and tattooists welcoming me into their brightly painted shops, graffiti and street art everywhere and a very sense of boho-chic, a contemporary art culture that moved in as the rich moved out to Barrio Norte.

Every Sunday Calle Defense – a long street that connects the commercial centre of the city to somewhere further east, turns into a street market. Like Camden Market in North London, it’s famous partly for being famous, but also because at each corner some innovate street performer, performs. A tango dancer might tap tap to the tune of an accordion player, his trilby seated on his head. Next, a drum ensemble bashing away, dressed in their Boca Junior football shirts, are joined by a tall cross-dresser, all shaved head, tutu and boa feathers. A few street stalls away, a man stood holding onto a lamp post, pretending to be in a strong wind, wires forcing his tie and coat to give the impression he was battling to stay sure footed. There was no wind, of course, a little rain and the sound of the drummers a little way away, but it was a Sunday circus that distracted from the task to ride down to the south, and then the north.

Turning left, leaving Calle Defense, walking along Calle Peru, Bar La Federal known here as a small cultural institution, stands out, it’s warm lights illuminating rows of old bottles on shelves and reserve wines waiting for a buyer. The classic portico is carved out of oak and fixed in the centre of the elaboration, the hands of a dusty clock are stuck at 16 minutes past eight. Parts of Buenos Aires are also stuck in some time-lock and dusty, like everywhere here, either not cleaned or just old.

Always, some shop opens onto the street and exudes charm. Much of the city feels hand-made, or local, but it is all definitively from nowhere else in the world but here. The Argentinianess has a wild-west feel, like something stuck in the last century along with exaggerated politeness and a courtesy that extends itself everywhere like a fragrance. There are warnings about where to go and how, but I didn’t see bad people. There is a sense that you are being watched but not always in a bad way, more side-glanced than stared at but never ever bothered. City folk here are too proud or too busy to pry and it didn’t feel like disinterest, just that there was too much going on to need to know more.

At the Bar Federal, the clock was still stuck at 8.16 – I didn’t know if it was morning or evening – but the music had started and that signalled the next phase of the night. This was only the start as olives were served along with Iberica Ham, sliced on an old ham-slicers turn-table by a man who picked his nose. After a chop of beer, the thought of pulling and pushing and shoving stacks of paperwork was easier on the soul.

Tomorrow I travel to the port to start the process of getting my bike into Argentina and even though the adventure starts the moment you think you are on one, the focus becomes sharper when the key enters the ignition and engages the engine.

FREE Lock Set with Every Case System Ordered


Touratech Free Lock Offer

Don’t forget! Our FREE lock offer also applies when you purchase our NEW Zega Mundo™ Pannier System.

Zega Mundo

The Zega Mundo™ Pannier System is a simple, rugged and reliable luggage solution that keeps your gear dry and secure. The straightforward, no frills, aluminum Zega Mundo™ Panniers will take everything you can throw at them, but won’t break the bank. they are some of the least expensive panniers on the market.
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How to order:

  • Add any case system to your shopping basket and add the item: 050-0874 to get a free lock set.
  • If you require the locks to be fitted to the case system, please note this on the checkout page.

Offer valid until 31st March 2015. Fitting applies to the case system lock, not the system to a bike.

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To order by phone please call 01639 841765

Steering Damper for BMW R1200GS

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If your BMW R1200GS 2013 model is giving a front-end shake, wobble, or vibration that is taking the fun out of your spirited on or off-road riding, it’s time to install a Touratech steering damper kit. All 2014 model bikes now come equipped with a factory BMW damper, so adding the Touratech damper is a quick and easy way to update and improve the handling of your 2013 model R1200GS.

Turbulence from an oncoming semi-truck, an uneasy feeling from knobby tires on pavement, instability in sand or gravel; these are all problems that can be easily solved by adding a Touratech steering damper to your BMW R1200GS. While the R1200GS is an inherently stable motorcycle for touring, when pushed hard off-road, loaded up with luggage, or riding fast in the twisties, it can start to show signs of front-end instability. This feeling is increased even further when a knobby tire is mounted on the 19-inch front wheel.

A steering damper effectively absorbs and dampens force transmitted from your front wheel to the handlebars, keeping the ride smoother and more stable. This can be any kind of force from the jolt of a big rock hit down to a slight shake or vibration from a side wind. You will immediately notice the difference the first time you ride behind a big truck on the freeway, or push the bike hard on a sandy road.

The steering damper has 24 clicks of adjustment, so you can quickly dial-in your preferred damping level depending on the riding condition and terrain. Use a lighter setting for general road riding, and then increase the damping level as you transition to gravel roads, dirt roads, or sandy two-track riding.

This kit from Touratech includes everything you need to install a steering damper on the front end of your R1200GS. There is no need to buy separate dampers and mounting kits. This is designed and tuned specifically for your BMW R1200GS. The installation is a simple bolt-on process, and requires no removal of bearings, drilling, or modifying your motorcycle.

Zega Mundo Panniers

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The Zega Mundo video, produced by our colleagues in the US, happens in less than two minutes, mixing a driving beat, twisting roads, mud, gravel, rushing water, epic backdrops and two adventure motorcycles roaring through the woods… and the soundtrack is performed entirely on Touratech Zega Mundo Panniers.

Shot in multiple locations around the Pacific Northwest by action-sports filmmaker Kevin Philbin and featuring the unrelenting beats of an enigmatic Seattle drummer going simply by the name ‘Webb’, the Zega Mundo video illustrates the energy and artistic symmetry that can take place between music and motorcycles.

The Zega Mundo™ Pannier System is a simple, rugged and reliable luggage solution that keeps your gear dry and secure. The straightforward, no frills, aluminum Zega Mundo™ Panniers will take everything you can throw at them, but won’t break the bank.

Manufactured using cutting-edge technology, the body features rounded lines and a modern feel. Low profile anchor loops are located on the rounded edges of the pannier lid providing a flat surface to use as a table or a seat at the campfire. Built from 1.5mm aluminum and stainless steel rivet construction these sturdy panniers are available in 31 and 38 and 45 liter sizes.

There are many luggage options on the market, but only a few have the quality and performance to bear the Touratech name. You can trust your adventure to Zega Mundo™.

Touratech reunites Chris Scott with his original Sahara bike after 33 years!

A recent feature in Bike magazine about Chris Scott led to Herefordshire biker Harry Waymouth joining the dots and realising he owned the adventure-motorcycling author’s first Sahara bike: a ratty ’78 Yamaha XT500.

‘It was actually my old mate Charlie who bought it off Chris back in 1982 after it staggered back from the desert. He then sold it on to me, we gave it an overhaul and headed for Turkey in 1987.’

Since then the XT has been ‘resting’ but it still sports Chris’ original Craven rack, the hand-beaten 20-litre tank, an oversized Citroen oil cooler and Suzuki motocross forks. They got fitted after the back of a London bus caught the XT by surprise one night.

‘That old thumper is as indestructible as the Top Gear Hilux,’ says Chris. ‘Seeing the XT again after 33 years will be like meeting up with an old flame. I’ve owned over 50 bikes but the XT is special, it took me on my first real adventure into Africa – you can draw your own ‘girlfriend’ analogies…’

Harry kindly agreed to lend the bike to display on the Touratech sponsored Adventure Stage at MCN London 2015 and Chris was on hand, along with Austin Vince, Nathan Millward and others, who were all selling their books and doing signings during the three-day event.

Follow @Chris Scott

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Chris ScottChris_S_2

MCN London 2015 – What a Show!

Friday 13th saw the annual MCN London show at Excel open it’s doors, and what a show it proved to be! King of the Jungle, Carl Fogarty, opened the show in style in front of a selection of MCN’s top sixty bikes of the past sixty years.

From the minute the doors opened, visitors poured into the venue and started to take in the exciting displays, chat with exhibitors and experience the Live Action Arena which was situated at the heart of the exhibition.

There were four zones packed with interviews, talks and all the major manufacturers  displaying their latest 2015 models. There truly was something for everyone.

It was an exciting way to start the 2015 season and we’re now looking forward to our Touratech Travel Event and MCN’s Festival of Motorcycling…

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The First Aventuro Carbon Helmets Arrive at Touratech UK

The very first Aventuro Carbon Helmets arrived at Touratech UK HQ on Jan 6th. The delivery was eagerly anticipated by the UK team and we filmed the guys giving their initial review (see below). Comfort, ventilation, visor size, weight and other features like the detachable camera mount, goggle quick strap release and ease of changing the configurations were the favourite features. We also weighed the helmet in on-road format and it weighed in at a very lighweight 1.25kg!

Prices start from £369.00.

Click here to pre-order

Touratech has set a new standard for adventure touring comfort with the Aventuro Carbon helmet. This Lightweight, carbon fiber construction helmet is comfortable, features a no-drag visor, and easily transforms between street, dual-sport and dirt configurations.

While there is no shortage of helmet options on the market, there are surprisingly few good choices for the ADV touring crowd. Some of the most popular adventure riding helmets are heavy, have excessive wind noise and are limited to just one configuration. Because of these limitations, Touratech has set out to make the ultimate helmet for adventure touring.

Key features:

  • Crafted from lightweight, carbon fiber for increased rider comfort
  • No-drag airflow visor reduces wind grab and strain on neck & body
  • Transforms between Street, Dual-sport to Dirt configurations with no tools
  • Easy open, easy close vents designed to keep rain out
  • Pin-Lock ready shield (Pin-Lock insert sold separately)
  • Intercom system ready, with speaker cavities
  • Ergo padding system
  • Washable, Antiperspirant, hypo-allergenic, Coolmax lining
  • Emergency cheek pad removal system
  • Liner cut away to accommodate glasses
  • Designed for goggles with quick-strap ready embossments and strap-lock shape
  • Set up for action camera mount
  • Extra long chin strap allows removal of helmet without completely unfastening 2DD buckle
  • Exceeds all DOT and ECE 2205 standards for helmet safety

New GasGas Trials Bike Dealer


We’ve  just expanded even more in the trials bike world and are pleased to announce that we are now an official GasGas trials bike dealer.

The full 2015 range is due into stock soon, keep up to date on our Facebook page for delivery dates.




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